Common Response Codes

These are some of the response messages that the system can give you in the Upgrade or Renew phases:

  • Account in queue: The Upgrade/Renew request has been added to the waitlist, as soon as it's your turn your account will be renewed/upgraded automatically.
  • Upgrade/Renew in progress: The Upgrade/Renew is in progress, in a few minutes you will automatically receive the result.
  • Out of Stock: The country you specified during the Upgrade is now out of stock, please use a different country or wait a restock.
  • Invalid Account Details: The details you have provided are incorrect, please check that your account Email/Username and Password are correct.
  • 12 Months: Spotify does not allow entering a family more than once a year, so in this case you will need to provide a new account.
  • Already Premium: The account you have provided is already Premium and therefore cannot be upgraded.
  • System Error: The system encountered an error that cannot be translated, in this case it tries to send the Upgrade/Renew request again.

Where can I find my username?

Profile username

Availability in Your Country

We update our stock with accounts from various countries on a weekly basis. However, please note that certain countries might be more challenging to restock. If your country is currently unavailable, we appreciate your patience and recommend waiting for our next restocking cycle.

Alternatively, you can opt for an account from a different country, which may result in minor variations in the music catalog available to you. We're dedicated to providing a broad range of options and appreciate your understanding.


If you receive an email informing you that your account is no longer part of the family plan, it means you have lost your premium status. As a result, you are eligible for renewal. In this case, please visit the Renew page and enter the details of the affected account.

Next, you can choose between two options:

  • Simply submit the downgraded account, and the system will renew the key, making it usable again on the Upgrade page.
  • Alternatively, provide a new email that is not linked to any existing Spotify account, along with a new password. The system will then create and upgrade a new account, importing your Liked Songs, Playlists, and Followings.

In the case of the second option, it is your responsibility to securely save your new password. If you lose access to your account due to a forgotten password, your upgrade key will become unusable and cannot be recovered.


Our restocks typically occur weekly. However, in rare circumstances that require more frequent restocking, we may do so every 2 days. Please note that our team is committed to ensuring the largest possible stock availability, and restock schedules are meticulously planned to meet demand.

Consequently, opening tickets or sending requests regarding restocks will not influence the schedule, as we are already maximizing our efforts in this area. Your understanding and patience are greatly appreciated.


Experience a 100% safe and hassle-free upgrade process with us! We ensure top-notch security, with no logs kept, guaranteeing the integrity of your account. There's no need for temporary or fake emails – using them can only compromise your account. Trust us for a seamless, secure upgrade experience.

Lifetime Guarantee

The term 'Lifetime' in our service refers to the lifespan of our platform, With our Spotify upgrades, we offer a lifetime guarantee for the duration that our service is active.

This means we provide unlimited and free replacements for any account downgrades that occur during this period. Rest assured, we're committed to ensuring your continued satisfaction with our service for as long as we operate.